Keisha Trina M. Guangko

Keisha graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Law in June 2015 and was admitted to the Philippine Bar in June 2016. She was an intern in the Office of Legal Aid where she served with Distinction, having been nominated for best pleading for a Reply Position Paper she wrote for an indigent client in an illegal dismissal case. She also gained legal experience as an intern in prominent offices in the private and public sectors. While in law school, she was active in extra-curricular organizations, having been a Chairman of the College of Law Electoral Commission, and Productions Head of the UP Law Charivari (College Choir.)

She completed her undergraduate degree in the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign, and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences majoring in Psychology and Speech Communication (Cum Laude and with Distinction in Speech Communication) in December 2008. While in college, she was a research assistant for the Culture and Emotion Laboratory and Personality and Social Psychology Laboratory.

Keisha practices tax, labor, and corporate law, as well as civil and criminal litigation.