IPOPHL Amends Rules on Inter Partes Proceedings

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) issued Memorandum Circular No, 2022-013 in May 2022. The Circular, which takes effect on 30 June 2022,  amended the rules and regulations on Inter Partes proceedings. 

The Circular now prescribes the filing and service of pleadings, motions, orders, summons, and decisions by electronic mail. It also allows for omnibus pleadings, which covers more than one application or registration in cases between the same parties.  

Notable is the change from multiple thirty (30)-day extensions to a one-time (forty-five) 45-day extension for the filing of Oppositions and Answers. The period for rendering decisions has been pegged at 20 calendar days, extendible once for the same period. 

From (ten) 10 days, the reglementary period for appeals has been lengthened to (fifteen) 15 days, with a one-time extension of another (fifteen) 15 days upon motion on meritorious grounds. 

Inter Partes cases commence when there is an opposition to an application for a mark, a petition to cancel the registration of an intellectual property right, or a petition for compulsory licensing.