Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Leveraging strengths and minimizing risk in all venues is the cornerstone of our Litigation practice. Our lawyers have represented clients in some of the most complex and interesting disputes. We evaluate each engagement to determine the best scenario to achieve victory. While we comfortably take sophisticated matters to trial and all the way to the highest levels of the courts, we explore alternatives to litigation if it means achieving success for our clients faster, better.

We have delivered victories in complicated contract enforcement, contested takeovers, intra-corporate disputes, banking litigation, and corporate rehabilitation proceedings. Our Litigation team also wields deep expertise through successes in the prosecution and defense of white collar crimes and administrative cases, real estate and land titling disputes, mass tort and product liability suits, and tax litigation.

We deliver success outside the courthouse. Our lawyers wield extensive experience in the use of efficient strategies capitalizing on alternative methods of dispute resolution. We represent clients before local arbitral bodies, such as the Construction Industry Arbitration Commission [CIAC].

The firm takes pride in providing legal services pro bono to indigent clients as a matter of tradition and not just a nod to corporate social responsibility. We have handled matters that have resulted in the acquittal of wrongly accused individuals, as well as successfully prosecuting criminal perpetrators preying on less-fortunate citizens.