Our Acquisitions Group’s breadth of experience encompasses all aspects of negotiated acquisitions, including taxable and tax-free mergers, stock and asset acquisitions, spin-off transactions, management buyouts and other leveraged buyouts. Our clients include acquiring and target companies, strategic and financial investors and lending institutions. We have represented interests in corporate restructurings, business dispositions, as well as disposition through bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. The Acquisitions Group has helped numerous clients successfully negotiate, close and document the full spectrum of transactions involved in any contemplated acquisition of assets and interests. Our experience enables us to offer our clients solutions that result in faster, smoother and less costly transactions.

Our team is especially adept in high-value, fast-paced due diligence work that certain transactions inevitably require. Our expertise also covers guiding and advising target companies on how best to protect their interests before, during and after a complex acquisition process. This includes structuring negotiations and the schedule of due diligence efforts to adequately shield sell-side interests, and if the situation warrants, the use of anti-takeover strategies. Regardless of which side of the transaction we represent, we welcome the challenge to deliver accurate, effective results within a critical time frame.

The Acquisitions Group excels in meeting each engagement’s objective by assembling a lean but, highly-focused team of experienced practitioners to help client’s structure and complete the deal. Efficient work and staffing strategies enhance responsiveness and allows us to meet the quick-response times top-tier deals demand.